sports and events

01 / 04

Sports photography has always been one of my favorite genres of photography. I have been fortunate to watch and be inspired by the passion that fuels athletes and competitors to push their limits and the family, friends, and fans that come out to support them! Some are motivated by others, some for personal health and well being, many for both...not to mention the thrill that comes with a game won, record broken, or personal best. Whether competing individually or as part of a team, the amount of dedication and focus required is commendable. The fierceness and grit it takes to come back after set backs and heartbreaks, losses and injury, is admirable. The time put in to training...weeks, months, sometimes years... comes down to maybe a few days, sometimes even seconds of show. From the pre-event rituals, warmups, prayers, pep talks, dances, etc. to and through the action, and ending with tearful celebrations and smiles for some and tearful disappointment for others, I anticipate what's coming but never really knowing what to expect but the unexpected. Arenas, gyms, fields, courts...I have photographed rodeos, weightlifting and strongman competitions, Camp Gladiator, soccer, football, and volleyball games, and IT NEVER GETS OLD!